Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who Will Miss the US Government if it Shuts Down this October?

by The Watchdog From

I think Obama has really miscalculated threatening congress to shut down the Federal Government if Obamacare is not funded fully. First of all, Obamacare is the law no one wanted in the first place. The bill was passed by congress and signed into law despite the overwhelming public opposition. Second, the US government has become the problem for the people of these united states of America, not the solution. No one wants to see a government attack their freedoms anymore. So let the government shut down. Who needs it? I sure don’t.
This October not only can the US Government shut down. It could collapse like the old Soviet Union. This could be the October Surprise Washington DC did not see coming. It could be the Corporation the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA formed in 1871 will implode and the republic of the united states of America will resume its rightful place again. It will not be the end of the world if the US government functioning as the corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA implodes and the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK ceases to exist.
Do you think there will be civil unrest as they say there will be when a collapse happens? The White House could not get riots started because George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin. They staged protest and had agent provocateurs out there trying to stir the pot to cause riots. That says white and black Americans are wising up and not falling for the divide and conquer game. This is why I do not think civil unrest will happen either. If they could not get race issues to inflame the public. Than I do not think Obama using class warfare will do the trick trying to use welfare mobs as a political weapon to attack the producers.  Even with his nudge team he announced as his new propaganda arm. Chances are, It wont make much difference repairing the political fallout he has caused using Trayvon Martin as a poster child for racism. Obama is damaged goods with no more credibility.

If the collapse of the Federal government happens. It will be the government shutdown 2013 first. That will be the first shoe to drop because people will no longer support the government nor comply anymore in civil disobedience will be the next shoe to drop. People will refuse to support and pay for a system them oppresses them and starts war against their will.
Besides all the gloom and doom of any instability nationwide predicted with troops needed on the streets to restore law and order. I do not see that happening either on a grand scale. There will be pockets of unrest in certain areas like LA, Boston, Chicago and New York City. I believe many states like Texas with southern and western states will have a stabilizing effect on most of the nation providing leadership. The Northeast and California will see a crack down on civil liberties. Otherwise the states can pick up the role of governing and bring stability if Washington DC collapses like the old Soviet Union. Just Because Washington DC might collapses. We have 50 state governments that can step in and take care of the functions originally delegated to them under the Constitution.
This is the opportunity to tell the people in the House of Representatives to dig their heels in and block funding Obamacare. If the President says he will block Social Security Payments and not paying our armed forces that is all contractual agreements not subject to his discretion as a political weapon he can use to get his way. Threaten Impeachment and follow through. Most of all they should ignore the Speaker of the House and the GOP leadership who will try to make a deal with Obama. No raising the debt ceiling. Block funding of Obamacare.
The Government shutdown 2013 can be the blessing the people of these united states of America needs because if Obamacare is not funded and Obama carries out his threat to shut down the Federal Government. I say bring it on because a government shutdown is the only good thing Obama has done since he was sworn into office.

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